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The conference aimed at presentation of theoretical and practical aspects of innovative methods and advanced technological solutions applied in foreign language learning and teaching. The programme of the conference enabled the participants to become familiar with the idea of virtual worlds and their practical usage in foreign language learning and teaching. Thanks to multimedia presentations prepared by the speakers, the conference attendees witnessed an interaction between lecturers and avatars, that represent a new type of students in a virtual classroom.


Thanks to evaluation questionnaires, that were collected after the Conference, the participants could express their opinions about the event. The presentations of innovative language learning projects were considered most interesting. Most of the respondents admitted, that the Conference contributed to promotion of innovative solutions in education, which we consider a great success.


The conference was attended by over 200 people from Poland and seven other states of the European Union. There were representatives of academic world, directors and lectors from Language Schools, language teachers from high schools secondary schools and linguistic kindergartens, as well as representatives of educational companies. Among the attendees there  were also representatives of institutions dealing with development and implementation of innovative solutions in education (e.g. the Centre for Education Development).

Special shows

Students of high and secondary schools, who took part in the conference, could not only listen to presentations delivered by the speakers, but also take part in two educational shows dedicated to the V-Lang project. The students and their teachers became familiar with free software, that was developed in the course of an international V-Lang project and can be used to create 3D virtual worlds for language learning and teaching.


On the 17th November 2011 at Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration there was an international scientific conference "Future Language Learning Now: Innovative Applications and Methods for Language Training", held under the patronage of Professor Barbara Kudrycka - the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

We would like to thank the speakers and all the attendees for their participation in the conference, that presented theoretical and practical aspects of the application of virtual worlds and new technologies in foreign language learning and teaching.

All the presentations delivered
during the conference are available here

A Review of Innovation and ICT in Language Teaching Methodology
(pdf, 188 pages, 3.5 Mb)

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